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Adjustable Height Lab Tables

Manually Operated Height Adjustable Benches. This product is made for the modern ergonomic working environment. It allows employees to rather sit, stand or somewhere in between depending on their preference. 

Good practice is to sit for 30 minutes, then change to the standing position for 30 minutes and alternate throughout the day.




Feet or Castors

16mm Trespa TopLab Base (Athlon)

Fully welded 40mm x 40mm x 2mm section

Up to 240KG (our frames can be adapted to take larger loads if required)

Machine threaded adjustable levelling feet or 100mm lockable castors

Bespoke. Made to your sizes.


Lower Rails


Choice of middle or back rail

10 Years against normal failure

Adjustable height table manual.png

These tables are perfect for flexible working environments, where space is limited. Or detailed work for people of different heights.

Our Laboratory Table frames are constructed from 40mm x 40mm quality kite marked steel. With its welded joints typically being 3 times stronger than the actual steel. The frame is sand blasted and painted under heat to ensure a tough lasting finish which will not crack, chip or peel like conventional paints. To ensure clients peace of mind the whole frame is supported on 8mm inset welded foot plates which are flow drilled and tapped to accept 12mm levelling feet complete with locking nut mounted. 

Standard Frame Colours:
The standard final coating is high gloss but other finishes can be supplied as required. Our standard lab table frame colours are:

  • White – RAL: 9010

  • Light Grey – RAL: 7035

  • Black

All RAL colours are available but non standard colours carry an extra charge of £50.00 per order ​


Our standard worktop is 16mm Trespa TopLab Base.

The easy to clean nature combined with good chemical resistance makes Trespa ideal.

Below are popular colour choices. All colours are subject to UK stock availability.

See worktops page for full range of colours available.

Adjustable lab bench frame.jpg
adjustable height locking nut.gif
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Manual Height Adjustable Desks

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