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Anti Vibration Table

Perfect for Laboratory Microscope & Balance Work

Why our tables are the best:

  • Stock sizes available for fast delivery (Bespoke sizes available on short lead time) 

  • Granite Worktops

  • Silica Filled Powder Coated Steel Frames

  • Heavy Duty Anti Vibration Feet 

  • 10 Year Guarantee 

For quick deliveries, we carry stock of 1200 x 600 x 916mm high tables.

We currently also have a limited stock of 1200 x 750 x 916mm high tables.

Bespoke sizes are also available on approx 4 week lead time.

Lead time will fluctuate throughout the year.

Also from time to time we have odds and sods sizes available at cheaper prices. Please enquiry regarding these items. 

How to receive a quote. Email us your table sizes, quantity and delivery postcode.


Our Anti-Vibration Balance Tables are manufactured to your dimensions to ensure they fit your requirement. Perfect for fine detail work such as using Microscopes. All our tables carry a 10-year guarantee against normal usage failure.

anti vibration table for microscope

Worktop Support





Lower Rails


30mm Dark Granite

Fully welded 40mm x 40mm x 4mm section silica sand filled steel frame 

Up to 750KG (our frames can be adapted to take larger loads if required)

Machine threaded levelling anti-vibration feet. 

Choice of middle or back rail

10 Years against normal failure

1200 long x 600 wide x 916mm high. Other sizes available on request


Sorbo Rubber Pads - granite worktop support
Sorbo Rubber Pads
Anti Static Balance Table for Laboratories
heavy duty anti vibration feet
Anti Vibration Foot

Our heavy duty balance frames are constructed from 40mm x 40mm x 4mm quality kite marked steel. With its welded joints typically being 3 times stronger than the actual steel. To minimise vibration our balance benches come with anti-vibration feet (optimum working range = 25kg to 175kg), Sorbo rubber / cork pads, which lie on top of the frame to act as a cushion between frame and Granite worktop. Also the frame is filled with silica sand to provide further protection from potential vibrations. The frame is sand blasted and painted under heat to ensure a tough lasting finish which will not crack, chip or peel like conventional paints. This product is proudly Made in Britain.  

Standard Frame Colours:
The standard final coating is high gloss but other finishes can be supplied as required. Our standard lab table frame colours are:

  • White – RAL: 9010

  • Light Grey – RAL: 7035

  • Black

Other RAL colours are available but non standard colours carry an extra charge of £50.00 per order ​

Antivibration platforms and tables are accessories that can enhance the performance of your balance. We offer vibration-free platforms and antivibration tables to reduce vibration disturbances caused by nearby equipment. These balance accessories can also reduce shock when using precision testing equipment. 

An anti-vibration table significantly reduce vibrations and disturbance whilst using highly sensitive laboratory balances, microscopes and other high-precision equipment. Tables are constructed out of shock-resistant materials such as granite, steel and rubber, and are typically used when conducting precise weighing experiments, testing and scientific analysis in laboratory environments.

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