Crank Handle Wind Up Sit / Stand Desks







16mm Trespa TopLab Base (Athlon)

97% Metal 3% Plastic Components

726mm to 1176mm

Dependent on size of worktop. 1200 x 600 = Up to 60KG evenly spread


Frame Features:​

  • Operated via removable crank handle

  • Solid 22kg metal frame for stability

  • No exposed moving parts

  • Two part telescopic leg

  • Smooth motion

Our sit/stand desking solutions allow you to easily stay active throughout the day and therefore boost your health and fitness. Adjust the height of your desk via the wind up handle from 730mm to 1155mm quickly and efficiently by using the crank handle to ensure an ideal ergonomic and healthy working position.


Our standard worktop is 16mm Trespa TopLab Base.

The easy to clean nature combined with good chemical resistance makes Trespa ideal.

Below are popular colour choices. All colours are subject to UK stock availability.

See worktops page for full range of colours available.

Frame as 1 Year Against Normal Failure

Width = 1200mm to 1800mm        Worktop Depth = 600mm to 700mm

Worktop Sizes

Sit Stand Wind up table front view.jpg
Sit Stand Wind up table end view.jpg
Sit Stand Wind up table handle.jpg

This product is adjusted by using a wind up / hand crank handle. It allows easy adjustability of the table height which complies with a modern ergonomic working environment. It allows employees to rather sit, stand or somewhere in between depending on their preference. 

Good practice is to sit for 30 minutes, then change to the standing position for 30 minutes and alternate throughout the day.

wind up crank table sink gas eye wash el
Crank Handle Sit Stand Lab Table.jpg